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Bernina 830 Embroidery Review 2020

Stitching is the series of combination of various intricate steps that involve the sewer’s creativity. But what if some of those steps get reduced? Yes, today there are computerized sewing machines that are equipped with advanced technologies. They are loaded with automatic features like – auto needle threader, auto thread cutter, drag and drop stitches and many more. All these save the immeasurable time and keep the sewer away from getting frustrated in the mid of the task. Therefore, let’s have a look at Bernina 830 sewing machine – Sewer’s best choice. Let’s dive in to the Bernina 830 review to know its pros, cons along with its features.

Bernina 830 Best Sewing Machine

Sewing machine Bernina offers 50% more sewing space including 12″ to the right of the needle. With the embroidery module attached the 830 is 40″ long. Its foot lift is 15mm which is must for quilters. 830 Bernina sewing machine has high speed, i.e., 830 runs up to 1,100 stitches per minute. Nothing is more frustrating than running out of thread on the bobbin. Bernina 830 sewing machine has 40% more thread capacity on the bobbin. Sewer gets the total stitch control. The degree multi-directional sewing Centered screen with high-resolution graphics making it particularly easy to read. It can work with lots of layers.

830 Automatic threading and a multi-spool holder manages all sizes and shapes of thread cones. The drag and drop option of sewing machines Bernina avails you exceptional precision and ease when embroidering. Bernina 830 embroidery machine can offer a straight or zigzag stitch, the Bernina stitch regulator that delivers even high precision at the highest speed. In addition, Bernina 830 offers free motion quilting and free-motion sewing. After testing and referring many Bernina 830 Reviews, we provided the below info.

Bernina 830 sewing machine FEATURES

  • Bernina Stitch Regulator for an even stitch pattern
  • Drag and Drop Stitch Combination
  • Save the time with the jumbo bobbin
  • Colour Resequencing
  • Best Sewing Machine for Beginners has Endless Embroidery
  • Automatic Thread Cutter

Sewing machine Bernina offers free-motion and high precision at any speed with stitch regulator that enables the same length in straight or zig-zag stitch. You may not see this feature in many other sewing machines within this price range. Read out the factors one by one. And if you like the product, check Bernina 830 price which is very reasonable and grab this not so cheap sewing machine at Amazon.

In Bernina 830, we can combine stitches and adapt embroidery designs. Stitching and sewing are all about creativity. There are various sewing machines that offer different stitch patterns. But what if the sewer wants to stitch by combining those patterns. This facility is provided in 830 Bernina machine where you have to drag the designs as you need. Due to this, you can try out multiple designs especially when embroidering

One of the main tasks performed while stitching is winding the bobbin with thread. Bigger the bobbin, more the thread capacity. More thread capacity will supply thread for a long time leaving the sewer focus on creative endeavours. Jombo bobbin in Bernina 830 offers 40% extra thread capacity as compared to other models. The lower thread indicator notifies how much thread is left in the bobbin. Changing of bobbin can be done in seconds. Check Bernina 830 sewing machine for sale online and buy if you like Bernina sewing machine.

Sewing machines require you to change the thread after every singular design regardless of the presence of duplicate designs the embroidery designs. This kills our time. But in Bernina 830, you can stitch out duplicate design in one pass without changing the thread again and again. This process saves your immeasurable time. Read the manual for how to use a sewing machine.

This best Bernina sewing machine 830 provides you with the facility of selecting the icon and adjusting either horizontal or vertical reference marks to stitch the embroidery effortlessly. Which takes the craft to next level and makes the process less time-taking. There is no chance of mistakes as BERNINA 830 takes care of every little detail. An auto-presser-foot lift has three positions to choose and to programme the height of your presser-foot, which allows you to consider closely on your creativity whole-heartedly. The auto thread cutter cut your thread at the end of seams. Sewing machine reviews have always been nice.

Stitching is a series of intricate steps that need to be performed smoothly. The automatic thread cutter option facilitates the sewer to concentrate whole-heartedly ion the stitching works instead of worrying about the thread cutting and all other less important work. Thread cutter also saves the time and make the task convenient and easier. Hence, check the amazon sewing machine Bernina 830 pricing and if Bernina sewing machines for sale is available then without delaying buy best sewing machine.

bernina 830 computerized embroidery machine SPECIFICATIONS

Specification Name Value
Product Name
Sample text
Item model number
Product Dimension
25 x 20 x 20 inches
Maximum Sewing speed
LED sewing lights
Upper & lower thread indicator
Needle stop up/down

Bernina 830 Reviews

Ladies if you are considering a new sewing machine, please check sewing machines Bernina 830 out. According to Bernina sewing machine reviews, this Bernina 830 model has earned nice ratings. Evey product has some pros and cons. But we prefer those that have fewer flaws. Hence, read the article to gather full details like Bernina 830 original price, interesting features and user experiences. We are pretty sure that you will be definitely surprised to see the constitution of the machine and traits possessed by 830 Bernina best beginner sewing machine.

Highlighters of bernina 830 embroidery machine

  • Experience the largest embroidery hoop available that does not require repositioning or rotation of the hoop
  • A full 12 inches to the right of the needle and more workspace
  • At a swift 1,100 sewing stitches per minute and up to 1,000 for embroidery
  • Endless embroidery allows all designs to be combined horizontally or vertically
  • Automatic-presser-foot lift, thread cutter and jump stitch trims, speed up the embroidery process
  • A pop-out jumbo bobbin offers up to 40% more capacity
  • Bright LED lights illuminate your entire workspace
  • The thread delivery system includes a multiple spool holder for large and small cones
  • The large, centrally located touchscreen also includes drag-and-drop stitch combinations,


  • Reinvestment of profits
  • Innovative design
  • Stitch regulator
  • Exclusivity
  • On line customer support


  • Expensive


How to adjust the Bernina 830 Sewing Machine to improve the look of stitch?

The best option you can opt for in a Bernina 830 Sewing Machine to improve the look of stitch is to select the needle with perfect precision for the desired stitch. Or you can use the options on the right side of the machine to adjust the look of stitches.

What is the difference between a 780 and an 830 Bernina Sewing Machine?

Bernina 830 has a stitch speed of 1100 stitches per minute while Bernina 780 has a stitch speed of 1000 per minute. Bernina 830 also has 1430 stitch patterns, 150 embroidery designs and 10 embroidery alphabets.

How to thread a Bernina 830 Sewing Machine?

 Follow the steps below to thread a Bernina 830 sewing machine:

  1. Find the thread guide on the top of the machine and place a thread around it.
  2. Pull the thread back up along the front of the take up lever and through a hook after  pulling it down along the front.
  3. Pull the thread upwards until you reach the plastic casing.
  4. After reaching the casing, pull the thread through the hook and then through the eye of the needle using an automatic threader.
How to oil a Bernina 830 Sewing Machine?

To oil a Bernina Sewing Machine 830-

  1. Just remove the cover.
  2. Wipe the machinery and hooks with a clean cloth.
  3. Oil the hooks using just one drop of oil and not more as not to over oil the machinery.
  4. Wipe away the excess oil residues.
How much is a Bernina 830 Sewing Machine?

A Bernina 830 might cost you around $978.50.


We hope that given article was advantageous and purposive for you. According to Bernina sewing machines reviews, Bernina 830 is the best sewing machines for beginners and also for professionals. Bernina 830 sewing machine boasts all those factors and parameter that will meet your demands for sure. So, without thinking twice, visit Amazon Bernina 830 for sale and Bernina sewing machine for sale then buy at best price. Moreover, refer our website to know about other new Bernina sewing machines in the market.

Bernina 830 embroidery machine has a drag and drop stitch system along with auto needle threader, color resequencing, and auto thread cutter. There are a lot more features which you can know clearly by reading the above review. Check out the price and get this best unit now on Amazon.

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