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Brother XM2701 Review 2023

People like wearing clothes of their own choices, patterns, designs, size. Many people prefer to stitch their clothes instead of buying them. Or even after shopping, many times, proper fitting is required. For such purposes, sewing machines are needed. This sewing machine is durable and can be purchased for home or business purposes. It is smooth to use, and the results are amazing. The quality of the stitching done is pretty superficial. Stitching done is even and firm. It is automatic too, unlike other sewing machines. One can take up many sewing projects as work would be completed quickly. It is profitable for a new business that could be small scale or for big businesses. It is light in weight and therefore, can be kept or placed anywhere without any burden. Lets get it into the Complete Brother XM2701 Review, pros and cons in below section.

Brother Lightweight Sewing Machine XM2701 Details

Brother XM2701 Lightweight Full Featured Sewing Machine is strong, durable and portable too. Anyone can use this easily and effectively, let the user be the beginner or an expert. Brother XM2701 Strong and Tough Sewing Machine build the confidence of the user in sewing, credits to the effortless run of this sewing machine. The finishing done is remarkable. Therefore, it can be used to make readymade clothes too. The threads do not come out as the fitting is perfect with no untidiness. Move the threads to any pattern, yet the stitching doesn’t turn out to be shabby. Any type or material of cloth can be stitched. There is a warranty given too to give support to the users as Brother Sewing Machine XM2701 understands how businesses work wherein taking a risk can be troublesome and lead to a loss. Brother Sewing Machine, XM2701 is affordable as well as user-friendly. Get to know the multiple features of Brother XM2701 Review and start stitching.


  • The Structure
  • Additional accessories
  • The Warranty
  • Simple and automatic
  • Resists jamming
  • 27 stitches
  • One- step auto sized buttonhole
  • Can use two needles
  • Easy stitch selector
  • Customer support

1. The Structure

Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine is a small machine that is light in weight and occupies less space. When you look at it, you will see the decoration done on the machine that looks beautiful at your desk. It is majorly made up of plastic, and some parts are made of metal. It is considered to be an awesome machine for beginners. They can improve their sewing skills and learn to stitch effectively and quickly. It is highly durable.

2. Additional accessories

If you are looking for a sewing machine basic stitching, this Brother Sewing Machine XM2701 suffices all the needs. As it comes with all required accessories such as a screwdriver, 3 bobbins, power cord, darning plate, extra spool pin, DVD for instructions, 6 quick-change sewing feet. The Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine feet include buttonhole, zipper, zigzags, blind stitch, hemmer as well as button sewing foot. However, for unique stitching and stitching that requires more quantity, other accessories are required that can be purchased from Brother itself.

3. The Warranty

25-year limited warranty, Isn’t it very long and great? However, one needs to know the details, and there is a certain criterion for the same. Everything has its respective duration. The warranty covers up to 1 year on labour, parts and accessories. Whereas, some are getting covered for up to 2 years like the printed circuit boards and electronic parts of the sewing machine. For up to 25 years, the chassis is insured from the time one buys. One needs to show proof of purchase, a receipt, or so to get the warranty.

4. Simple and automatic

Isn’t it very difficult and time consuming to put a thread in the needle and then adjust it for sewing? However, Brother Sewing Machine, XM2701 has an automatic needle threader that is built-in. This sewing machine pulls the thread through the needle and makes it easy for the user to sew. Pulling is done after touching the lever on the side of the machine.

5. Resists jamming

Just wound the bobbin properly and stitching would be too smooth. Brother XM2701 Strong And Tough Sewing Machine has an automatic bobbin winder built-in. This enables the easy and smooth fix of bobbin and results in even stitching. The main aim is to resist jamming. However, one should still keep a check on how the bobbin winds.

6. 27 stitches

People like different styles, outfits. However, these outfits are not made straight forward. They do need different patterns of stitching. This Best Brother Sewing Machine can help in stitching different patterns like a blind hem, stretch, zigzag and many more. Quality and reputation always exist in Brother Sewing Machine, XM2701. The One- step auto sized buttonhole, It can be very difficult for beginners to use buttonholes. This Brother XM2701 Lightweight Sewing Machine is very helpful as the machine comes with buttonhole foot and a button fitting foot. This Best Brother Sewing Machine use two needles : There is a presence of twin needle capacity in Brother Sewing Machine 27 Stitches. You can experiment while stitching or doing hemming.

7. Easy stitch selector

Some sewing machines are very difficult to use as they are too manual. As mentioned in Brother XM2701 Review, this one too simple to use. It is automatic. The thread goes automatically to the needle irrespective of how small the hole is in the needle. The beginners find easy to work on it. There is easy – to – read stitch dial that makes stitch selection very easy.

8. Customer support

There is a user manual and instructions DVD for the users. Yet, to make things simpler, even customer support is present. One can call and inquire about the queries, and the team will provide a resolution. Brother International Corporation has set its standards, and therefore, customer support is also holding a high value. This renowned company was started in 1954 in Japan by a sewing machine producer. The business was a boom in The U.S. Brother Sewing Machine, XM2701 is certainly customer-obsessed and provided great assistance to its customers.



  • Manufacturer : Brother
  • Product Model Number : XM201
  • Product Dimensions : 12.1 x 5.9 x 15.3 inches
  • Product Weight : 12.6 pounds
  • Color : Mostly white with deigns on it
  • How many Stitches : 27 built-in stitches
  • Uniqueness : Designed with LED lights to brighten work area and increasing visibility and brightness
  • Warranty : 25 Year limited warranty



Inorder to put a new needle in a Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine, follow the steps below-

1. Raise the needle using the needle position button.
2. Loosen the screw of the needle frame.
3. Remove the used needle from the frame.
4. Position the new needle to the top of the needle stopper in the clamp.
5. Tighten the needle clamp screw to secure the new needle and press the latch firmly.


Follow the steps below to understand how to use a Brother XM2701 lightweight Sewing Machine-

1. Thread your Brother XM2701 lightweight Sewing Machine by filling up the bobbin.
2. Pull up the needle frame by turning the hand wheel and pressing the foot lever simultaneously.
3. Place the garment between the supporting platform and the needle tip.
4. Slowly lower the needle frame and start sewing by pedaling the foot lever.


You can use Style SA156 Bobbins for your Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine.


Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine comes with many settings with their individual uses. Based upon your requirement, you can set, change and use the Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine.


Follow the steps below to clean your Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine-

1. Loosen the foot lever, needle frame and the engine section of the machine.
2. Use the cleaning brush or a mini vacuum cleaner to remove any dust present on the machine.
3. Wipe it well and reassemble the loose parts.


The Brother XL2610 has more stitches and a four-step buttonhole whereas Brother XL2600I has only a one-step buttonhole.


So this is all about Brother XM2701 Review. It is a multitasking easy running sewing machine that can be used for various sewing projects, helpful for home, business purposes. Stitching has gone to a high level with different stitches incorporated. Brother XM2701 Lightweight Full Featured Sewing Machine can perform 27 unique stitches. It is ideal for continuous orders flowing in and getting different projects. Beginners would find this machine to be very comfortable. It is quite portable due to its lightweight. It is user friendly and results in skills improvement. It has high quality components. One can easily create buttonholes with the help of one step buttonhole that is built-in. it is designed with LED lights to brighten the work area. There is free online, technical and customer support. Also, instruction DVD and manual are available in the package. There are 27 built in stitches that can stitch 27 different patterns. There is an automatic needle threader that enables easy stitching and fix of needle and thread. Bobbin stays in place and gives the best stitching quality.

Brother XM2701 Lightweight 27 Stitches Sewing Machine image

Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine is a small machine that is light in weight and occupies less space. It is found in many houseware stores. It is quite popular and reasonable. Brother Sewing Machine 27 Stitches has multiple features that make the sewing activity very easy for beginners and experts can also learn and experiment a lot with this machine. The wide- ranging 27 unique stitches are really very impressive.


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