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All About Sewing Machine, How It Works?

The sewing machine is a very useful one in our household. There are many parts in the machine that work harmoniously to sew the clothes. Sewing machine working mechanism is mainly based on bobbins, shafts, and needles. While using a machine, you will never be aware of what goes inside. You will be surprised after knowing how many techniques are installed in your sewing machine to provide you with the provision of sewing your clothes. Here, you will get a brief idea about How Does A Sewing Machine Work?

how does a sewing machine work image
how does a sewing machine work image

Sewing Machine Working Mechanism

The first mechanism consists of a shaft, wheel, and needles. As the shaft is known as crankshaft which is responsible for performing the rotatory motion. A needle is attached to the shaft, and the shaft is attached to the wheel. After the wheel is rotated, it will move the shaft. The shaft converts rotary motion into up and down motion. As the needle is attached to the shaft, it will perform the same motion. This is how the primary setting of any sewing machine.

Bobbins are tools that consist of thin strings. These strings help you to stitch your clothes. There are several empty bobbins installed inside the system to have a smooth flow of strings using a sewing machine. The bobbins are made up of polished and smooth texture, although they are strong enough to uphold the pressure created upon them while working on the sewing machine. 

How Does A Sewing Machine Work?

The sewing process starts with attaching a string to the main needle. You have to attach the string properly and place a bobbin at the base mechanism. Attach the end of the string to another rotating wheel nearby. After switching the power button, the wheel starts rotating. The shaft attached to the uppermost wheel will also start moving. And as the shaft starts moving, so is the needle.

The string attached to the needle is inserted into the piece of cloth and goes into the down system. At the same time, the wheel in the base system will rotate halfway. The string attached to it will also move accordingly. Both the upper string and the lower string get strangled. The needle starts coming up along with both strings. After the needle is at its topmost position, it will stretch the string at its maximum pressure. And this is how the sewing machine works and its mechanism.

Do we have to maintain the sewing machine? 

It is the question that comes to mind for most people. People think that what is there to maintain in the sewing machine. But there are certain things you should take care of after using your sewing machine in order to maintain efficiency. All the machines with any mechanism face a problem of wear and tear.

If you just keep on ignoring such a problem, your machine will not last for long. Your sewing machine will face serious damage. It will unnecessarily cost you a lot. You have to keep on oiling your machine properly. All the parts should be properly oiled. It does not mean that you use much oil while doing this process. Oil in much quantity will drip on your clothes or on the floor. Make sure that you do not make this mistake while performing this preventive method. 

Tips to maintain a Sewing Machine

  • Even the parts of the machine should be regularly cleaned. The dirt and dust can get settled in the sewing machine will cause malfunctioning of the overall system.
  • Use vacuum cleaners or compressed air systems to keep your machine clean and clear.
  • If your sewing machine is under warranty period, you can contact them. You should do this once a year. It will help to maintain the efficiency and quality of your sewing machine.
  • After using a sewing machine, take care of the strings properly. It will keep you in a safe position while using the sewing machine next time. Otherwise, there may be chances that the strings will get strangled.
  • Changing needles regularly is also another precaution to have to keep in mind. After a couple of batches of clothes and stitches, the needle becomes blunt. It will cause problems while stitching How Does A Sewing Machine Worke regularly. 

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