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How To String A Sewing Machine? – Complete Instruction Guide

Sewing machines are a pretty essential machine, which has to be present in every household. For people, who already have a knack for it and learned it from somewhere, whether for a professional degree or just for amateur and basic sewing, handling an advanced sewing machine is not that of a tough task. But for complete beginners, who without any prior knowledge, invest in a Singer sewing machine and then are planning to learn all the details about the machine and the entire craft, the easiest functioning of the machine may seem like extremely tough to handle for at least a few days. 

how to thread a singer sewing machine image
how to thread a singer sewing machine image


Now, threading is the exact process or a series of different processes, through which a string of thread is attached with the needle and a second thread to the bobbin. The combination of these two makes one perfect stitch at a time. The preciseness and efficiency and outlook of any particular stitch are solely depending on How to Thread a Singer Sewing Machine. 

How To Thread A Singer Sewing Machine?

As most of the sewing machines are run by electricity these days, make sure you unplug it from the power source before the beginning of the threading process. Now the steps of threading are as follows:

  • First, keep the presser foot of your sewing machine on the upward position. Then place a spool of thread on the spool holder, situated right on the top of the sewing machine. 
  • Take the thread from spool holder and take it across the top of the machine to a thread guide. It is always necessary to pass the thread through at least one thread guide for better and straight threading at the end.
  • Now it is time for the thread to pass through the tension mechanism. The tension mechanism of any Singer sewing machine is placed on the bottom portion of the appliance. 
  • The specific area, which is on the front of the sewing machine, and will go up and down when the sewing process is going on. It is known as the take-up mechanism. So, in this step, one should place the thread through the take-up lever.
  • Then take the thread and take it further down to the sewing machine needle, passing it through any thread guides on the way.
  • Now, pass the thread through the needle, and your threading process is done.
  • For the best results, it is always recommended to hold the thread with your left hand and spin the handwheel to adjust the final tension.
  • If any of the thread flaps around during this process, it indicates that you must miss some of the thread guides during the threading process.

How To Put Thread In Sewing Machine?

There may be hundreds of different types of sewing machines with different functionalities and mechanisms present in the market, but threading most of the home sewing machines is pretty the same. The best way to know about your sewing machine is to read the instruction manual thoroughly to know all the important bits and pieces. However, threading a singer sewing machine is pretty easy and can be done within a few minutes as well.

 Threading A Sewing Machine Tips And Tricks 

After following the instruction for quite a few times, the overall threading process of any generic electric sewing machine will seem easy and pretty straightforward. But, yet sometimes some difficulties may occur during the process. To avoid that and to make the threading process a full proof, here we are sharing some expert’s advice, which shall help you in the process-

  • Raising the presser foot upward, before the initiation of the threading process, is extremely important.
  • Placing the thread properly on the take-up lever of the sewing machine is pretty essential as well.
  • To prevent the thread from getting caught in any irregularities, using a spool cap is mandatory. Some Singer sewing machines come with various sizes of spool caps, which can be easily used in any generic spools as well.
  • Choosing the correct type and size of the needle following the sewing pattern and the fabric is also important. Otherwise, it can cause any type of lateral damage to the thread itself.


So, it can be easily said that threading your sewing machine is not that tough a task if you follow the rules properly and keep in mind all the tips and bits of advice. So! Don’t wait and thread your sewing machine.

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