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Tips and Tricks Sewing Machine Basics For Beginners

If you’re here looking for a Sewing Machine User guide? Here are the complete tips to use and learn the skill of sewing. While we can’t teach you the whole skill as it is, we sure can tell you Sewing Machine Basics for Beginners. How to sew with a Machine can be simplified if you just get to know about the basic steps and units of a sewing machine. Here are some basics you need to learn about How To Use A Sewing Machine? So get ready with your user manual as well to locate all of these parts and elements successfully.

how to use a sewing machine image
how to use a sewing machine image

How To Use A Sewing Machine?

A sewing machine is a congregation of several different elements that have to be set up independently and uniquely. Since there are so many elements, it is somewhat difficult to get a drift of every element and how to use them. Locate the power cord of the sewing machine. The power cord is connected to the foot pedal. 

Adjusting the stitch length

  • For adjusting the stitch length of the sewing machine, locate a little wheel present on the side of the sewing machine. The wheel on the side is known as the handwheel. When the handwheel is rotated, the needle of the sewing machine goes in an up and down motion. 
  • When you have to stitch in the reverse direction, use the reverse stitch lever. The reverse stitch lever has to be pulled downwards to initiate the stitching in the reverse direction.  
  • For adjusting the stitch’s width, locate a dial near the top of the Sewing machine. In a straight stitch, the width does not matter, but when you are stitching in a zig-zag manner, the width of the stitch becomes important, which can be adjusted using the dial present at the top of the sewing machine. 
  • There is a metal part on the sewing machine that is called the presser foot, which is lowered to sew the cloth and raised to remove the cloth. Even the tension of the presser foot of the sewing machine can be adjusted by a knob present at the side of the sewing machine. 

How to Inset Bobbin? 

Grab the manual for your sewing machine as every machine has a different placement of the bobbin. Firstly, uncover your bobbin and place it into the slot. Follow the manual of the sewing machine to understand the direction in which your bobbin will turn. Accordingly, line the bobbin and thread through the slot as per your manual. When you pull the end of the thread, then the bobbin will turn in its designated direction. 

How to Thread Sewing machine?

  1. Firstly, place the thread spool over the spindle placed at the top of the sewing machine. To prevent the spool holder from flying away, place it securely in places. 
  2. Grab the end of the thread and run it through the nooks and crannies on the top of the machine. Continue this path of the thread and loop the thread at the bottom part of the sewing machine. 
  3. Now just put the thread through the needle, and you’re good to go. 

How to Sew With a Machine?

Now that you know how to thread the needle? Inserting the bobbin and the several other technical adjustments, let us get to how you can stitch. 

  1. Start with joining the lower and upper threads. After you have placed the upper and lower thread, join them together.
  2. Rotate the flywheel of the machine in a direction towards you. Rotating the hand wheel puts the threaded needle through the bobbin. 
  3. This way, the upper thread will curl about the lower thread and draws it to the upper part of the machine. Keep turning the wheel in your direction till you see the lower thread coming out. 
  4. Grab the emerging lower thread and tug it out and place it with the other thread and keep it at the back of the machine. 
  5. Now that the threading is all done, you are ready to give your sewing machine a test drive. Preferably, use a sturdy piece of cotton and double the fabric as when you will be sewing the seams of the fabric, which will require that the fabric be doubled. 
  6. Now raise the presser foot and slide the sample cloth under it. 
  7. Now bring the threads to the back of the machine. 
  8. After that, make sure to drop the presser foot. 
  9. Now, keep holding the threads until you’ve got a few stitches done, then leave it. 
  10. Now, time to practice some backstitching. After you have made a few stitches, push the reverse button (in case you have a computerized sewing machine) or just push the reverse stitch lever to start stitching backwards. Doing this prevents the stitches you had made before to come undone. 
  11. After the reverse stitches done, start the stitching in a forward direction. 
  12. When you done stitching in the forward direction, just repeat the backstitching, which will lock the seam. 


Congratulations on your determination to learn a new skill and bring out the artist in you. Sewing is not rocket science, but the more you practice, the better you will get about your skill of sewing. Happy sewing!

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