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Janome Arctic Crystal Review 2020

Sewing machines have been there for a long time, and how they are being used and designed has drastically changed. People used to spend hours pressing on the foot of that stationary sewing machine, and now they have reduced to the size of a book on a table. You can use them at home so quickly and anywhere else because of how well they have been innovated with.

Janome Arctic Crystal Sewing Machine Details

If you are really in search of Best Sewing Machine For Beginners, then this Janome Easy To Use Sewing Machine is a perfect option for you. Now, we have the best sewing machines from amazing brand Janome. You can experiment with stitches and their length and generate designs that someone back them would not have been able to do. Every feature from how customisable it is and how convenient it is to use, in a sewing machine matters a lot and shows how well thought of a design it is. You must go through what you need and what the sewing machine you should have. If you are sceptical about where to start, there are sewing machines explicitly designed for beginners. One such good example of it is the Janome Arctic Sewing Machine. Here we are provided the detailed Janome Arctic Crystal Review, with pros and cons which will help you to choose the right one.

Janome Arctic Crystal Easy-To-Use Sewing Machine Features

Having an adjustable stitch length in the Janome Arctic Crystal Easy-To-Use Sewing Machine is a great benefit because it can help you customise your design and what you stitch using the machine. You can very quickly grow into it and explore how it works while being able to customise what you do with it. Very few sewing machines give you the liberty to design through such a feature. All you have to do is adjust the stitch length as you want.

Janome embroidery machine is equipped with a 3-piece feed dog system which adds to the convenience of how you would use the machine. It usually happens that feeding the fabric in the machine becomes a task because of the type of fabric you are using. Having this elaborate system present in this Best Janome Sewing Machine rather allows for a smooth fabric feeding.

As mentioned in Janome Arctic Crystal Review, it is One of the main reasons why arctic crystal is one of the Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machine is because of how it has been built. The interior frame is heavy-duty metal, so you have a very sturdy product to work with. This adds to the durability of the sewing machine, and you can quickly stitch without worrying about any part snapping or breaking in the process. The combination of modern design and a traditional heavy duty built is what makes this Janome Arctic Crystal Easy-To-Use Sewing Machine popular with users.

Anyone who uses sewing machines regularly would know that bobbin is the toughest part to figure out sometimes. In the Janome easy to use a sewing machine, you have a front-loading bobbin system with instructions present along with it. You can adjust the bobbin while your fabric is under the pressure foot, which is the main benefit of having a front loading system. All Stitch models and instructions come with it, So there is no need to refer manual again and again.

The Janome Arctic Crystal 15 Stitch Sewing Machine works two ways because of how it has been designed. The storage compartment it has can be removed, and the machine will turn into the modern free arm machine available these days. You have the benefit of both in one here so arctic crystal comes out as a good choice. You can easily sew small openings etc. with the help of this feature.

Janome 001crystal Sewing Machine SPECIFICATIONS

Specification Name Value
16 x 7 x 12 inches
12 pounds
Model no




Bottom Line

Hope you like our Janome Arctic Crystal Review with detailed features. This one here is one of the Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machine that the brand has produced. It is basic in its design, but it is also extremely versatile despite all of that. Sewing as a beginner can be very intimidating and having a complex machine to deal with above all of that can be quite a task. This is where a simple sewing machine like the Janome arctic crystal becomes very crucial. It is very easy to use and has a very flexible design which lets you experiment a lot. You have fifteen stitches with one buttonhole option and a dial to adjust the stitch length as well. Both aspects make up for a very customisable use of the sewing machine. There are other convenient features as well, like the bobbin system and the free arm option you have. you will be able to experiment with different fabric as well because of this. Beginner sewing machines are expected to be slow or weak, but the Janome arctic crystal is the opposite and one of the best sewing machines for beginners.


How much does the Janome Arctic Crystal Sewing Machine weigh?

The Janome Arctic Crystal Sewing Machine weighs 13 lbs.

Can you use a twin needle with this Janome Arctic Crystal Sewing Machine?

Yes, you can use a twin needle with this Janome Arctic Crystal Sewing Machine.

Is there a foot pedal that comes with the Janome Arctic Crystal Sewing Machine?

Yes, the foot pedal is included as one of the accessories.

How many needle positions does Janome Arctic Crystal Sewing Machine have?

There are two needle positions available. Left and centre.

Which settings is for stretch fabric in the Janome Arctic Crystal Sewing Machine, if there is?

 The knit stitch on setting G is one that can be used for the same.

Unlike many others, you have a very sturdy frame in it so you can even continue using it after you have got the hang of how sewing is done. It is durable enough to last you a lifetime and work on a good speed which will give you 800 stitches per minute. Even the weight isn’t much, so it is easy to carry around wherever you wish to work. There are also a lot of the accessories that it comes with which you can use and work with. Hence, it is an entire package in itself which is perfect for beginners or otherwise.

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