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Why do I need a Sewing Machine? Complete Buying Guide

A thousand questions arise in the mind when you are thinking of purchasing a sewing machine. The market is crammed with different models from many manufacturers. There are hundreds of options ranging from the most elementary mechanical unit, which is capable of bearing the only minimum to the high-end commercial option. Every individual has different requirements, so there is no such device which fits all solutions. An experienced one and a full beginner will completely have different requirements. Whatever the situation, get more information about the sewing machines and things to know before purchasing a new one. Here, we will let you know the main considerations of the Sewing Machine Buying Guide for beginners. 

Sewing Machine Buying Guide image
Beginner Sewing Machine Buying Guide Image

Sewing Machine Buying Guide for Beginners

Beginners should consider the following features to purchase a sewing machine. 

  • Inbuilt Needle Threader: When you want to sew, you have to thread your sewing machine. With a simple and easy machine, you will love to sew and make many things possible. Look for a machine that has a handy inbuilt needle threader so you can save a lot of time and trouble-free. Even if you have eyesight or some steady hands, still, the sewing unit will let the needle threader go quicker for you.  
  • Top Loaded bobbin system: A top-loaded drop-in bobbin is a much better option to go with. With this type of system, the bobbin just hits out and drops at the position, so you don’t need to disband the bobbin to get into the correct place. This type of system has a transparent cover plate to view for better stitching experience, and just by glimpse, you can know the position of a bobbin thread. 
  • Capable of Free Arm: Look for a machine that can convert into the free arm so that you can sew around, narrow fabric pieces like pant hems and sleeves easily. As a beginner, surely buy a machine that includes this essential feature so that you can accomplish several small projects. 

Sewing Machine Types

Initially, sewing machines are categorized into 3 types, depending on their features and again divided into 2 types depending on their functionalities. Overall, they are categorized into 5 different types that are listed below:

  1. Domestic or mechanical: These types of machines are also known as standard sewing machines, manual sewing machines, household sewing machines, and domestic sewing machines. These devices are very easy and simple, with only a few advanced features and less stitching patterns. 
  2. Electronic Sewing Machine: These machines are different from manual sewing machines, which are costly with many advanced features, nearly 7-20 inbuilt stitching patterns, compact, LCD screen to choose options, a built-in light for perfect visibility, and light-weight. Electronic sewing machines are suitable for professionals or tailors, designers, and beginners. 
  3. Computerized Sewing Machine: These types are heavy-duty machines useful for industrial purposes. These types of machines are high-speed units that are completely operated with computers and have many advanced features. Internet and USB connectivity are special features that make this machine more efficient. 
  4. Embroidery Sewing Machine: These are electronic machines with built-in presser feet for embroidery. Embroidery is an artwork based design that is made on any cloth or fabric with threads of different colors. These machines are quite expensive, which is used for quilting, hemming, embroidery, etc. 
  5. Overlock Sewing Machine: Overlock machines are known as sergers that are different in different areas. This machine’s functionality and working are completely different from the above seen 4 sewing machines. Overlock sewing machines serge or seams more than one fabric together. 

Why do I need a Sewing Machine?

People use a sewing machine for many reasons. For some people, it may be a hobby, for some, it is a livelihood, and few sew just to stitch the worn dress. Simple sewing works can completed just using a needle and a thread, but it might not be the same in all cases. Sometimes you need a perfect stitch or fast sewing, this is the point where you need to have a sewing machine. Here are some reasons why one requires a sewing machine. 

  • Fast Sewing: Sewing machine makes the work quicker than hand sewing, which needs much time to complete the work. It is perfect when you are in hastening to finish any pending sewing tasks or to complete a project. If you want to buy a sewing machine for a business purpose, the time is precious and crucial. The quicker you complete the task, and then quickly, you can go on another project. With a sewing machine, you can begin and end the work easier and faster because the needle and thread are already positioned. 
  • Stitching is precise and neat: Sewing machine’s Stitching will be precise and neat because the machine finishes the complete work. But, this is not possible with hand sewing as it is completely manual work. 
  • Fancy Stitching: With a sewing machine, it is possible to select decorative stitches. With the help of a sewing machine, you can make stunning laces, sew bindings, and decorative ribbons. Such work may be difficult to complete and even takes a lot of time if you do it by hand. 
  • Sew Heavy Clothes: Heavy materials like wool and denim cannot be sewn using hand, but sewing a heavy cloth is easy with a sewing machine. It is essential if you are doing any sewing business because time and accuracy are quite important. This machine can even use double thread to make the stitches durable and stringer. 

What to Know Before Buying a Sewing Machine?

 Here are some things you should know before making a purchase. 


Experienced will look for these recommendations while purchasing a machine. 

  • Fully metal rotary hook to avoid many jams. Look for a hook that moves around, not rotate back and forth. 
  • The unit should be flexible to open so that you can wipe and clean the accumulated lint. If you want professional maintenance like oiling and cleaning, it is not necessary to open the machine for every cleaning. And if you don’t clean, the machine will get blocked and ruin. 
  • Always buy a device with open arms for sewing pant legs and sleeves. 
  • Universal pressure allows the sewing machine to adjust automatically to every material with different thicknesses. 
  • Prefer the machines that needle threads easily. Check it out with a trial at the store, or if you purchase online, see the reviews. 
  • Avoid plastic material of cheap quality, which can easily break. 

Stitch options

Below are some necessary basic stitches that you require on the machine. 

  • Zigzag
  • Straight stitch
  • Tri-motion
  • Buttonhole
  • Blind hem

Other stitches are required based on your work, but given basic stitches that are mandatory. 

 Electronic or Mechanical

 You have to turn the dials for a mechanical machine to get your required stitches. You can have adjustments in the electronic machine just by clicking the button. 

Whistles and bells

Make sure that the machine you buy can do all the things you require. There are some skills you need to learn in the coming years that need to have extra features. For some machines, features can also add according to your needs, if possible, find out such a machine. 

Size and weight

If you want to put the machine somewhere else when it is not in use or if you wish to carry the machine for some craft fairs etc. So look for the light-weight machine, and you can easily move it around. 

If you want to keep the machine at some designated place at home, then go for a heavy weighted machine built with better quality metal instead of poor quality plastic parts. 


If the price is not a consideration for you, simply purchase the machine with all the requirements you need. But, generally, this won’t be the case. A good, superior-quality metal made mechanical machine can cost below $300. If this is not your budget, consider taking a used and reconditioned unit instead of buying a cheap quality new machine. If you are planning to use the machine for your business or for a long time, you have to look for a professional designed and high priced machine that can operate without continuous usage. 

Warranty and Service

Look for the limited warranty and what it can cover. Ask whether the machine can serviced in local areas or it should be sent to somewhere else for service. 

Choose the Best Sewing Machine according to your needs and budget that can last for many years. Generally, a sewing machine is an elderly art which has become modernized these days. Nowadays, people are showing interest in DIY style and making their fashion designs. Consequently, sewing artwork has also become an important part of fashion.

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