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Understanding a Serger Sewing Machine

The serger sewing machine is an extra featured sewing machine with added features for more perfection in stitching. The serger has 3-5 bobbins and 3-4 different threads in the machine that are excellent for quilting with advanced sewing features. Serger machine gives a professional touch to your fabric, so it is fine to grab one. It is like going beyond the basics to obtain a great look. Serger provides a classic and chic look to your dresses.

what is a serger sewing machine image
Understanding a Serger sewing machine image

What is a Serger Sewing Machine?

Serger machines are the upgraded version of sewing machines with different stitching patterns. It has a knife to cut corners and trim the fabric before stitching the fabric with threads. We get a smooth finish with this serger machine. We can also stretch the stitches in the direction of stitching. Swimwear and activewear are stitched with these machines. Though serger machines are exclusively designed to make clean and excellent edges of the fabric, it can also perform the functions of a normal sewing machine.

Serger vs Sewing Machine


Sewing machine


Sewing needle


3- 5



3- 5

Speed control


Automatic speed control






Fixed designs only


Runs with and without electricity

Cannot run without electricity


Easy to handle

Generally tough but with practice, it is easy to handle.

Learning level

Easy to learn

Skilled laborers are required.


Consumes more time

Consumes less time. 

How to Thread a Bobbin for Serger Machine?

Winding a bobbin is quick and easy if we follow these instructions:

  1. As the first step, keep the thread spool on the spool pin.
  2. Slide the pin cap to grab the spool firmly and prevent the thread from moving here and there.
  3. Make sure that the bobbin winder pin is moved to the left.
  4. Pass the thread through the thread guide from the spool and move the thread end through the small hole in the bobbin rim.
  5. Place the bobbin and push the winder pin to the right, and this step disables the needle from moving.
  6. By holding the thread end, the speed controller is stepped to run the machine for wounding the thread on the bobbin.
  7. Finally, push the bobbin to the left and cut the thread and remove it from the winder pin. Finally, trim the thread from the top, and your bobbin is now ready for use.

Serger simplifies your sewing needs by cutting the fabric while sewing it. If you take a normal sewing machine, you have to cut the fabric as per the requirement and then sew it. It is time consuming compared to the serger machine. Serger machine does 3 – 4 stitches generally on the fabric, whereas normal machines can do only single stitching, and thus the serger saves our time. Similarly, the stitching speed is high when compared to a normal sewing machine in a serger for the same amount of power and time spent.

What to Look for in a Serger Machine?

If you want to buy a serger machine, then you must understand some important features. They are:

  1. Look for serger machines that have a minimum of 4 thread options. Usage of different feeds is an important feature to consider in the serger machines as it will help you to sew different types of fabrics along with standard formats.
  2. Automatic threading is more important and convenient for the continuous stitching of the fabrics. Automatic serger machines are costlier than manual machines by a minimum of 1000 dollars.
  3. Prefer a serger sewing machine that has an instruction booklet or a DVD. Videos are a boon for beginners and useful for moderates. 
  4. If you sew regularly, then it is advisable to buy a serger sewing machine. If there are a large number of garments to be completed, then serger is the best option. 
  5. Look for features like overlock, ribbon lock, narrow lock, and four-thread lock, hem, stitching, home décor, and crafts. These special stitches will help you to grace the occasions.
  6. 4-thread overlock, cut, and sew options should be perfect with the exceptional standard.
  7. Some products can run with phone support. This method will help you to understand more about the product that you have purchased.
  8. If there is a foot controller, then it simplifies the task of sewing as sewing is completed in a matter of minutes. 
  9. Always look for serger machines that use a normal sewing machine needle for completing the job. It reduces the stress for searching for a particular type of needle in the market.


Similarly, storing a serger sewing machine is very comfortable as they have a shorter neck than the normal sewing machine. You can make stitches from one thread to 5 threads in a serger machine. The most commonly used one is the 4-thread stitch, which is more durable and widely known to finish seams stronger and firm than other options.

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